My favourite…

We bookworms go through many books, and on a rare occasion we might be lucky enough to find that one little piece of literary genius to say “that’s my favourite!”. So today I share with you some of my favourites!


Although a difficult choice, my all time favourite book is Spilled Water by Sally Grindley.

It follows the story of eleven year old Lu Si-Yan, who is taken from her mother and brother and sold into a life of factory and domestic servitude; it follows her on her journey and struggles to get back home.

I was 14/15 at the time I read this and it has really stuck with me. It really opened up a world of literature I didn’t know existed (at the time books such as The Hunger Games and The Infernal Devices were all the rage!). I know it may be strange to say since the themes of this book were slavery and the appalling treatment of women in China, but the story is beautifully written – very emotional and an absolute page turner!


Gatsby. When F. Scott Fitzgerald created The Great Gatsby, he created one of the most interesting and lovable characters in all of literature. When you read him he just bounces from the pages and brings light to the story, which is such polar opposite to his competition, Tom Buchanan. What makes Gatsby my favourite character is his determination in life and undeniable love for Daisy. Also, I heard he throws a pretty decent party.


My favourite chapter is Confessions from Twilight (Chapter 13). This is the first time Bella sees Edward in sunlight. Why I love this chapter is that Edward is the “worlds most dangerous predator” but he is literally more vulnerable than Bella at this point – he’s finally letting someone see him for what he truly is. Yes the sparkling skin is a bit odd but you need to look past that, for the first time in his (after) life he is able to share parts of his life with someone other than his ‘family’.


My favourite quote comes again from The Great Gatsby, but spoken by Nick Carraway:

They were careless people, Tom and Daisy. They smashed up things and people, and then retreated back into their money and their vast carelessness

Need I say more?

I hope you enjoyed that little post! Please leave a comment below of tag me in your own Favourites blog post – I’d love to hear!

Bradley 🤓


3 thoughts on “My favourite…

  1. Phil says:

    I’ll have to reread The Great Gatsby. Didn’t like it when I had to read it in school. That quote really packs a punch in a few words. Saw the 3-D movie. It’s great; made me realize what a good story the book tells.

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